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Our entire global community is feeling the impact of changes being made due to COVID-19. As we face these challenges together, our team at mConnexions is highlighting the services available to help, with a special Q&A series on Facebook called ExpertConnexions, led by Julie Holton. Each of these interviews is showcased below along with additional resources on crisis communications, marketing, and business recovery.

  • Expert Connexions Covid-19

Expert Connexions: Tips for Coronavirus Cleaning

The Coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets that experts say can be shared through a sneeze, a cough or even when someone is talking. That’s why social distancing and deep cleaning are important ways to [...]

  • Expert Connexions Covid-19

Expert Connexions: The Legal Impact of a Pandemic

To help clients address legal questions sparked by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Foster Swift law firm quickly established a Coronavirus Task Force. Attorney John Mashni joined us for our Expert Connexions series to share important information [...]

  • Expert Connexions Covid-19

Expert Connexions: Tech & Tips to Work From Home

Working from home sounds great! Until you're suddenly making the transition on the fly. Feeling unprepared? We've got you covered! Our team at mConnexions has been working remotely for three years! As a virtual agency, [...]

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